Nav Nirman samiti Executive Member

Mr. Abdul Rashid ( national President }

  श्री अब्दुल रशीद
            ( राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष )
                Mr. Abdul Rashid live birth 03-03-19 63 Seelampur, district Shahdara, Delhi, Delhi received higher education in the state of childhood passion to serve society opened the way to the politics /

Multiple operations for the citizens of the region are citizens of the area, known as Netaji quite made with respect to the citizens of poor laborers ration card, voter card, and other government schemes notched /
Meanwhile, politicians discussed also in your social Jnun Given (Mr. Ramakrishna Hegde G) its organization and renovated Vedike member of the Delhi Pradesh declared to social work to grow your fame /
GOI (1 988-2001) By DR. Ambedkar Foundation (Minister for Social Justice), was elected to the position of the institution today are working on important projects through national festival Festival of India in the Indian national flag being flown home society In the mind of the nation awakened spirit /
Goodwill plan a get-together to create integrity in the country through the village branch of the organization in every rural citizen organization involved in causing -ganv cheaper treatment, affordable education, and economic development in the country's development partners to play in helping society
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Mr. Mrs. Bhavesh Thakur{National Vice President}

श्रीमती भावेश ठाकुर  

           {राष्ट्रीय उपाध्यक्ष}

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Mrs. Bhavesh Thakur born 25/03/1, 9, 74 occurred in the district of Bharatpur in Rajasthan state,
Due to my interest in early childhood education teacher and the teacher's job and became a course
Villages because the girls saw the pitiable condition of education in the parents were not sending girls to school, the women explained that their association had Memdd increase the percentage of rural girls education but because of some domineering woman learning difficultiesThe child has the right to just honest society we try to meet the country emerge as an economic powerhouse
Jai Hind

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Mr. Miss. Maihnaaz Ansari { General Secretary and founder}

  कु. मैहनाज अंसारी
     {राष्ट्रीय महासचिव  एवं संस्थापक}

Maihnaaz Ansari, born 1.1.1988 Budaun of Uttar Pradesh was in the City
Meanwhile, the air hostesses from Bareilly diploma course after getting a job in Delhi began talking to the girl, but the state remained backward rural areas, such as the problem of clean water to the toilet in the wild since the illness has resolved the problem of ambulance backwardinterests which are important tasks for women in villages close to the mass of water flowing Sucly female villages can defecate in the open space that can eliminate malnutrition when conscious society will then be carried over to the contaminated environment and to protect women from social shame the Central Government and State Governments to pursue this campaign with the Committee for the society and development of villages such issues note Jai Hind
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Mr. Rakesh Koli { National Secretary }

    श्री राकेश कोली  
          { राष्ट्रीय सचिव } 



Mr. Rakesh Koli birth 10-05-19 88 Rudrapur (Udham Singh Nagar) Uttarakhand
There were huge problems of terrain logo /
He continued to go and help them in Ilakho inaccessible terrain why he became famous by the name of mobilizers Andajhi interfere in the political battles fought over the same period due to the massive destruction in Uttarakhand has rocked the entire country /
At a time went into inaccessible mountain Ilakho Shult goods provided for needy citizens visiting with teams such teams helped in reaching mountain villages where the logistics was not easy to access /
Where the government was unable to reach Transforming a month to work with the teams returned after the situation was already very bad, Davi disaster planning important tasks in today's society are so landslides, flooding, hail, coming in from the mountains More and more citizens of the catastrophe must be made available as soon as the goods they Transforming Jai Hind
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Mr. Shakir Hussain (Advisory Board Chairman / National Media Spokesperson)

                                       श्री शाकिर हुसैन 
 ( सलाहकार बोर्ड अध्यक्ष / राष्ट्रीय मीडिया प्रवक्ता )
 Mr Shakir Hussain\'s birth 15-12-19 77 Raja ka sahaspur, Moradabad district in Uttar Pradesh to primary education in the village\'s future education Thanwla Bilari father of the whole state government was working honestly, having the interest in studies Because of mind on a day left school to do some due diligence in the area of ​​the logo started small tasks,
Due to my interest in sports in the area due to my interest in sports athletics competition began in the area of ​​rural children talent came to the fore at the same time, people opposed the act are for children
Anywhere there was crime on poor rations voiced getting people to unite against disturbances against the ration mafia panic withdrawal of support to people in rural villages are getting one against BP L petition under Right To Information Bs which had stalked filed after the government imposed in case of false accusation and / why shoot intravenous drips code patriotic mobilization of society\'s most important to explain things when society is disturbed Jai Hind
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Mr. Uvesh Ahmad (national treasurer)

    श्री उवेश अहमद
            (राष्ट्रीय कोषाध्यक्ष )

Mr. Uves Ahmed, born 01-01-19 88 grams Thanvla Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh has completed further studies of primary education Pakbra Moradabad college completed grandfather uncle in politics was due to growth from the beginning, some devotion to the cause,
Since childhood dreams of some of the nation flourished during this period due to the poor economic situation of the family, even in the difficult task of social service institutions to act and left many important positions held;
Today the organization has been working on several plans due to a sense of their social plans such as critical of the institution g clean water plan, the village path lighting scheme, are providing significant synergies in Village Park plan
So with the help of government and society in rural areas get clean water to villages in rural areas where power since independence until today there was no luck in villages with the help of solar energy has the goal of illuminating villages
Jai Hind
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Mr. Braham parkesh {Vice-Treasurer]

  श्री बह्रंम प्रकाश
Mr. Braham Prakash born 06/08/1968 Mahendragarh district, Haryana state has /
The village did not get out of farming Jnun of harvest and the farmers in the village started to work / education to children in rural areas go on to contact their parents / they believed the same time, except agriculture The city came to work in the city continued to serve society / farmers love being the helpless animals were no wounded animal looked odds on to treat him immediately moving cattle Prevention Center /
With love from cows in the cowshed cowsheds assist plan today organization and cooperation in animal Prevention Centre are / so helpless abandoned animals, bird and look forward to continue to work while healing up their service and rural citizens To save the species of cow wake / districts in order to establish Gayashala Gumnhu safeguard animals such offenders to be surrendered / society are made in an atmosphere of peace in the country to persist brotherhood sung save society and religious functions to avoid the hassle of milk with full fidelity to resolve Jai Hind
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Mr. Aftab Alam {protection}

श्री आफ़ताब आलम
     { संरक्षण }
Mr Aftab Alam, born 01/01/1964 in Uttar Pradesh Moradabad city grew from infancy others to help the hobby a social interest in generating terrain laborer citizens work offer without any benefit society in the interests of Functions such as ration cards, widow pension, disability pension, and released from the hospital with their Certificate, rickshaw drivers, we fight for their rights are laborers, rickshaw pullers by making the union government Mnwate their demands are, the courage and bravery the area became famous by the name of Netaji in society united voice raised against Bshtrochar getting ration distribution to prevent disturbances to the public voice of the government to reach the hunger strike, picketing and government Prdsn His voice heard in the ration distribution ordered investigation against manipulation, to do something for the society in the resolution of today's key planning institution in employment testing center for poor families women males employ strict tailoring, handloom, Krcovi , papad etc. so that poor families Ethics cheap linen quilts, clothes you can get help from the central government and state governments have been the unity and integrity of the country will continue to play an important role in making
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Mr. shamim shekh [national organization incharge]

               शमीम शेख                                                     

      राष्ट्रीय संगठन प्रभारी    


Mr. shamim shekh  live birth 20/02/1991 nagwara,p.o. pahusul,tehseel katra disst. muzaffarpur in Bihar state / interest in politics became a member of the regional party politics are to serve society through good holding in the society  Due to high positions in the party are /weaver sill NGO gram sabha mohlla sabha abhiyan samiti muzaffarpur assistance group worked with hard work and perseverance, given them their muzaffarpur district of Bihar state in charge of the district he had done its job over the reins of power after some time has stopped for any reason, your social service NGO Thats been working diligently to assist the committee in view of the reconstruction welfare (India) in their most important task is assigned to the state workers, weavers, farmers, the business community economic development associated with the institution 
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Mr. Ajhimmithea ({National Executive member}

           श्री अज़ीममिथ्या 
                    { राष्ट्रीय कार्यकारिणी सदस्य }
Ajhimmithea G Pune district in Maharashtra state was born 17 -02-19 88 /
City of childhood studies DR. Line due to my interest in the profession, joined /
Due to the trend of accommodating working age respected citizen of the region /
Mother began to distribute free medicines to poor patients Terisa your perfect believers are working on plans to extremely important in today's society, health center attached to the pathology lab, X-ray service, ambulance service, affordable treatment to the citizens of the rural areas, which could Check poor families due to the expensive medical treatment provided by doctors find good doctors see no degree which increases the merge / and she reached a critical stage in the institution run by the Planning Committee on the registration card check centers Free to the patient suffering from so good DR. for treatment on the basis of reports from citizens in the market are quite expensive to have X-rays with the aid of society in the rural area it is much cheaper for not having the vehicle from spinning while 25% Patients dam break on the way to save the situation in the villages to provide ambulance service to try to serve society-society-government, with the help of free association in the resolution plan
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Mr. Mohammed Iqbal (National Executive Member)

श्री मोहम्मद इक़बाल
      ( राष्ट्रीय कार्यकारिणी सदस्य )
Mr. Mohammad Iqbal G. born on 01-01-19 76 Thanwla / District Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh
After completing studies began to work with father / but friends also were abandoning their work for the task / strangers goods such as any of their elders the way home delivery Show / social service because his father Action taken off separately are also social service work / their same style caused some people even began to envy them that the number of civilians who had much praise for this work were / Due to my interest in sports competition in the sector are provided through the institution / organization today as important as rural sports festival, student scholarship scheme are working on / in the rural area of ​​sports emerging talent emerged at a national level so that they can come before / rural students on merit scholarships annually to-government cooperation with the society-committee to help poor children in order to help students to get education possible Jai Hind